written and directed by Geoffrey Craig

January 22, 23 @ 8pm and January 24 Matinee @ 2pm 
A Connecticut resident, Geoffrey Craig’s fiction, poetry and drama have appeared in numerous literary journals, Four of his full-length plays (one co-authored) and nine of his one-acts have been produced. Join us for three of his one act plays, followed by a discussion with Geoffrey and the cast.
-DIVORCE FIRST CLASS - Channing and Seth are in the midst of an amicable divorce. Their respective lawyers, however, turn up the heat; and the notion of amicable goes out the window.
-HOAX -The play is set in an America that has been divided into two areas: the putative nation called the Eastern Coalition and the barren, burned-up Western Territory. In the Western Territory, global warming has destroyed agriculture and industry; the population is on the verge of starvation. The Eastern Coalition has fared better; but climate change has still wrought tremendous damage. The Eastern Coalition has blocked immigration from the Western Territory by mining the Mississippi River, erecting an electrified fence along its border and shooting on sight anyone who attempts to enter.
-MOTHER AND DAUGHTER -Portia and her daughter, Cassandra have lived alone for twenty-two years in the house in which Portia grew up. Portia’s father, , had deeded her the house sometime ago. He had died a few months before the action of the play, having rewritten his will to leave the eighty acres adjacent to the house to the young woman who took care of him – in more ways than one – in his final years.